Thursday, 5 June 2014


So it's been over a week and I haven't posted, I've had a busy week I'm back at home working and packing for my first holiday of the year! I'm back at work in Surrey trying to earn some money after a stressful time at university. Yesterday I realised I have abandoned my social media over the last few weeks, I have lots of pretty new garments and holiday accessories that I will be posting about soon. While I was in my final year I took my acrylic nails off (which was a massive deal for me as I hadn't parted with them for 6 years!) I'm off on holiday this Sunday with my housemate and I wanted to brighten up my nails with a nice bright colour, teal. Here is a photo of them (also on Instagram).

Last night a pair of my summer shoes arrived which was very exciting. As I have quite big feet it takes a lot for me to enjoy shoe shopping or even to get excited about shoes. I generally am very excited these are so comfy! They are riverisland ss14 and we're purchased on Asos a few days ago! Let me know what you think they are sparkly and I feel very coordinated with matching polish!