Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Holiday Season!

So I have abandoned you all for a few weeks, I've been away in Zante soaking up the sunshine and the beautiful island! 

The photography is continuing as always and the idea of going into a full time job at the moment feels like the last option I want as a graduate. I feel more at home abroad and when I do decide to get a full time job it needs to include photoshoot weeks abroad!

I have been instagraming lots of images from my trip so check them out @annabellesmithh on Instagram. I have been getting new followers daily and everyone seams to be enjoying my uploads of my first 2014 trip. I am off to the next island along in a few weeks Kefalonia which I stopped off at for an hour or so on a boat trip from Zante, I cannot wait! Greece is the place to be one day I will have to either live there or part live there. 

We took a tour of the island and visited where people get married along with shipwreck beach and the hidden caves. Of course the Greek food is the best so many food photographs where taken.

Here are some of the photographs of the beautiful island:

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  1. Lovely photos! I am so jealous! Enjoy x