Friday, 23 May 2014

Collaborations with others creations

Over the last few weeks i've had a lot of shoots for people, fashion designers photographing their final collections for their had in's I think it is now a total of 5 different designer's shoots now! There is still lots to come and other occasions and companies that have requested my assistance. Below are some photographs of a recent shoot if you haven't seen it already on my website Rags to Riches a designer shoot for Sophie Jones.

The shoot was based on Sophie's final collection and a garment made to correspond with a book she made. The beautiful dress included different prints of peacocks and tribal patterns. The model was found out in Southampton and did a fantastic job of creating the look that was needed to match with the illustrated book.

Photography- Annabelle Smith Photography
Designer/Stylist- Sophie Jones
Model- B-anka Edwards
Makeup- MAC Cosmetics

Here is the printed book also: 

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  1. These pictures are stunning! I am really liking your work :)

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    Glad I stumbled upon your page :)