Saturday, 3 May 2014

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the end of a chapter!

This week has been an incredibly busy one hand in 5 days away! And  I have left all the annoying bits of work that just are not fun until a few weeks before such as referencing and finishing off the boring sketchbook pages. This week has been an amazing one for photograph shoots I have completed nearly three in two days, feeling like a fashion photographer at the moment (I don't want the photography part to end!). 

The first photograph shoot I completed was for a great friend and amazing designer Lauren Richards-Smith ( This day we had such an amazing team including make-up and hair artist Jessica Rachael Chalmers ( and  our beautiful model Becky Meehan ( The theme is 'windows of the soul' and a set of 6 garments with an added extra in for the photograph shoot. The fabrics used are beautiful and the collection together is inspiring. 

Here are some of my retouched images:

Photographer: Annabelle Smith-

MUA: Jessica Rachael Chalmers-

Designer and stylist: Lauren Richards-Smith-

Model: Becky Meehan-

Let me know what you think of these incredible garments and the photography! :)

More to come with designer and illustrators Scarlett Ross's work next week!

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