Thursday, 15 May 2014


So its been a week since hand in and it was the most exciting moment of my life all that hard work handed in on simply a few dvd's! Its exciting and the thought of the amount of freedom I now have is terrifying, time to job hunt really! However, the photography keeps coming in the last week I have completed two more shoots and have two on the way! One of the shoots is for a jewellery brand victorious bee.
Have a look they have some classic pieces: .

One of my shoots that has not been spoken about yet that is on my website and Facebook is a birds of prey shoot I completed for designer Megan Rudd. This was a shoot that I've always wanted to do, after seeing it on Britain and Ireland's next top model it was high on my list as a must do shoot. We had a fantastic day for shooting and some great little critters to work with that had some fancy little hats. We had a fabulous makeup-artist who created the look of a bird on the model along with a great idea for the hairdo. 

This was probably the most adventurous shoot I've been a part of as animals can be unpredictable,  making it so there is two models and both models have to be ready for the shot!

Designer/Stylist- Megan Rudd:

Photographer- Annabelle Smith:

MUA- Sophie Pierson:

Model- Jasmine Rose Buttle:

Keep an eye out for more exciting designer shoots and more!

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