Thursday, 3 April 2014

Greek Mythology Creature Collaborations

This week has been busy with a few more shoots collaborating with another photographer Joanne Stevenson-  working on a make up and hair artist's project, Natasha Mace-

The concept behind the images is Greek mythology creatures, so far I have worked with the team on three different creatures Medusa, Ash Tree Nymph and Sphinx. This project is very exciting as the make up is completely different for each shoot and is purely based on the make up and hair artists concept. 

To go along with the narrative of the shoot props and added accessories are made to add more detail into the photographs. To complete these images two lights were used, a beauty dish to complement the models face and a soft box to prevent too much shadow under the chin. These images are very different to my projects as I normally shoot editorials and look books on location or in studio with a softer backdrop. The black backdrop adds power to the image that Natasha wanted for her brief. There was a variety of images to chose for retouching, I decided that the more powerful images were of the models looking upright with strong posture. 

Let me know what you think of these photographs I will be putting these in my portfolio and on my website, the credits are under each image:


Ash Tree Nymph

                           Model-Becca Dawes-

    Styling, Hair and Makeup- Natasha Mace

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  1. I've nominated you again! This time for the Inspiring blogger award! x