Thursday, 10 April 2014

Getting closer to a chapter end and this is extremely scary!

So yesterday started the countdown off with 30 days left until hand in! Already on 29 I can not believe it! Here after nearly the end of my third year of university (fourth if you include my foundation). The realisation has finally got to me that my life is going to change a lot in the next few months ahhh! Yesterday one of my good friends that I have made here at university on the first day! Come round for a disney night in (as you do when your 21 and 23 years old). We got into conversation of how much we have changed and grown over the last three years, 2011 when I had just turned 19 does not feel that long ago at all however, since then I have nearly completed my degree, lived in three different places and overall grown as a person. In July my contract runs out for my adorable little flat that I share with my house mate and close friend, that I met by being neighbours in first year (not that she recognised me in public the first time we bumped into one another at uni). Since moving around I have learnt to unpack and pack very quickly as the holidays used to revolve round me packing my room into my car and driving up and down the M3. This Easter is my last holiday that I would have been doing the unpacking nightmare, I decided to stay in my flat to get this last mission of work done. While sitting there last night the realisation of having the house how I like it, my room, freedom of people coming to visit and my overall my timetable changing was overwhelming. What am I going to do when this contract runs out? Hopefully I will be living with a friend near to London working as the idea of moving back into the family home feels like a step back from all that I have achieved. 

Heres a few little images of how I have found is a great way to have decorations in your university house (as nothing can be permanent).

Its always nice to have some frames with friends and family members in (especially if you don't go home all the time). Its good to invest in some decent smelling candles I recommend Yankee candles and room incense, these last for nearly four months which is a uni semester! Book shelfs are a great way to have lots of your favourite things displayed.

Find some pretty bedding, your bed will take up most of your room so add something that is pretty and has some nice colours on it. Mine believe it or not is from Asda and was inexpensive. 

Chest of draws are great for balancing frames that don't have stands and for adding other quirky items to your room! 

When I finish uni I want to decorate my home with products from Dress My Home they have some amazing bits:


  1. That radio is gorge, I want one!
    Kimamely Xx.

    1. I love that radio Kimamely was given to me! :) Xx.

  2. I have nominated you for an award! :) Check it out: