Thursday, 24 April 2014

A girls got to have pretty things!

So Asos, Topshop and River Island along with many other fashion stores have offered 20% off student discount over the last few days. To make the most of being a student and as I am in desperate need of some new spring/summer items I took advantage of this offer. I have just completed an online order for River Island, along with taking a quick trip into town to have a nosey around in town for some other goodies. Below are the garments I purchased today. A T-shirt from River Island which 30% of the money goes towards cancer research, a playsuit from the same store (which I may wear on my trip to Bournemouth tomorrow). I took a quick look around Topshop also and picked up some new high waisted shorts along with some leggings I've had my eyes on for a while! 

T-Shirt River Island, Playsuit River Island, Leggings Topshop, Shorts Topshop

The top below is from a recent Asos purchase, the colours attracted me to the garment and along with the 20% off Asos was offering on the day! These stores really know that everyone is in need of a wardrobe update and the 20% off is too good!

Top Asos

Next week I have two extremely exciting shoots next week with Fashion Designers Megan Rudd and Lauren Richards-Smith. Next weeks blog post maybe up a little later in the week then it normally is, The photograph shoots are Thursday and Friday so I will upload a blog post either late on Friday night or on Saturday. Be sure to check out Topshop and River Island they have some great items in!


  1. Pretty things! The student discount around everywhere is wayyy too tempting! xxx

    1. I know its too tempting! Why are they doing this to us haha! xxx

  2. The t-shirt is lovely! It would be so nice with black jeans and a black pair of birks!