Friday, 14 March 2014

Complementing Clashes

This week has been very successful on the photography front, I have completed my editorial photographs and my look book photographs. The day was a huge success and I feel that  overall this has been my best shoot to date. Before the shoot day it is as if I am organising an event, everything and everyone needs to be informed and every aspect hair, makeup, clothes and lighting needs to be displayed on mood boards so that each member of the team knew how the day was going to run. 

By having such an organised event the hair and makeup artist is able to adapt the style to match with the clothing in advance as I wanted her experienced opinion of what would work better. (Each member of team was sent a call sheet and mood boards in advance). 

The stylist Scarlett Ross ( was the person who made the complementary clashes with the clothing I told her the concept and the pose for the editorial and we spent a day gathering items that suited the client, the potential magazines and my concept. Without Scarlett the overall shoot would not be as successful as I feel it has been. 

The make-up and hair artist Becca Turner ( completed the look with the make-up and hair decided on by the stylist. The bright colours worked well with all the other aspects of the image and stood out in the captures.

The model Emily Ball ( is an outstanding model she fit the brief I gave her and the poses I wanted worked extremely well.

A massive thank you again to all the people that helped make these images as successful as they are.

Here are some behind the scene photographs and some quick retouches of the editorial, look book images will be up next week!

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