Thursday, 6 February 2014

Planning Is Essential

As promised my weekly posts are continuing, this week its all about planning everything and not rushing into completing something without having a plan. I have been working on my final major project and so far I have managed to find two different models for different elements of my project. The tutors want us all to start shooting early on incase with need to reshoot however, I am not ready to shoot yet as I want every aspect to be thought through thoroughly before rushing into something that I am not ready for. My makeup artist, first model and the jewellery are booked for the 22nd I just need confirmation from Alona to say they have the items I have requested. 
This week I also ventured to a whole new area of photography that was brand new to me, baby photography. My friend had a baby girl around six months ago and wanted some professional snaps of little Darcie. At first the task seamed overwhelming because the baby was so low to the ground the lights were difficult to position. Eventually I worked around this obstacle and managed to produce some stunning photographs of the little beauty, including the first image, which is the outfit, I purchased for her:

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