Friday, 28 February 2014

Final Major Project: Shoot One, Mood Images

This week I have been working on my sketchbook pages, along with starting to retouch some of my photographs from the weekend. So far I have completed nearly four out of my thirty pages, I still have a long way to go but everything gets done eventually. I have decided for my brand label I want an image of myself to go alongside 'Annabelle Smith Photography'. To complete this I am having an illustration completed by my friend and old house mate Hannah Bartlett, She is drawing an image of me that was taken last summer whilst working for Alona. I have my hair up in the capture so I am using a different hairstyle in the drawing; I am also having the necklace changed to my camera necklace having a subtle element of photography within the image. This drawing will go with my promotional package part of my degree, on my CV, blog, business cards and on the cover of my final major project sketchbook. This is very exciting and I am looking forward to posting the drawing on here at a later date. The photograph that the image will be drawn from and the necklace: 

I have also started retouching some of my photographs from my shoot on the weekend, it was a success I managed to create the tones and complete all the images I was after. I had eight different images for my mood book along with an advertisement capture and a short video clip. The weather was a worry all week, me and the team started early at 9am preparing for the day and managed to get a day of sunshine, which was amazing after the week of rain we had! I have not started retouching many of the captures at the moment as there is not much that needs doing to many of them however I will add a few of the non retouched images for you to see and the final images in the near future:

Thank you to these people:

Jen Eustace- Model
Becca Turner- Make up and Hair
Robin Small- Assistant
Jo Stevenson- Assistant
Alona Shelemy- Jewellery

The lens I used for this shoot was a 50mm f.1.2, I am now wanting to save for this lens as it is an amazing lens:


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    1. Thank you Vanessa,
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