Friday, 31 January 2014

The start of the final steps of my degree...

This week I had my last section of semester one hand in, my dissertation 'Miniatures Under the Microscope'. I handed this in a day before the deadline and now all my focus is on my final major project.
For my final major project I am completing a customer pack for potential buyers that visit trunk shows for the brand I completed an internship with: By Alona Limited. The customer pack will include photographs presented in the scale of A5, along with a short advertising clip. The customer pack will be similar to a press pack but has been adapted to help the brand gain more consumers at the trunk shows. I am also completing a look book for the brand, this will be in a hardcopy and virtual copy to cover all the target consumers. The press that the brand has gained over the years will be collected and printed in the form of a coffee table book. The coffee table book will allow the brand to have as a statement piece that can be taken to meetings throughout the next year to show the brands heritage and progression. 
The brand Alona is a jewellery company that I completed for my summer internship last year check it out at:

This was one of the images I completed whilst working for Alona that prompted my desire to photograph Alona  Jewellery:


  1. Gorgeous photo! Their jewellery is stunning xx